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The homeowner wanted the Winter Park backyard remodel of her dreams, but what she had was a backyard she tried to avoid. Stephanie loves the outdoors and family time and wanted a place to enjoy both and is easily maintained. Shane met with her, listened to her goals, heard what she envisioned, and then he looked over the property and got to work to design a new backyard.

The project included making the pool usable again, stone work, brick work, custom built elements, landscaping, a long brick driveway from the front to the back. Shane gave her the resort.

Client testimonial

But nothing better conveys Stephanie appreciation of the craftsmanship and integrity of Shane, than her own words…

My pool was built in 1975 and what a mess! I held off fixing it because the thought of having to choose companies to do all the related work was just overwhelming.

Shane Rathel and I met to see if we were the right fit for each other – no pressure- he’s not a salesman. As I learned, he’s been doing it for over 30 years and is truly passionate about building pools/backyards of your dreams.

I chose SRI Pools because it was the only company where the owner does the work and is on site when any subcontractors have to come in. I at least would have a point of contact if things went south!

And he was just as competitive in price.

Shane renovated my pool and replaced all my old pool equipment, took up my old deck, changed it to travertine and graded it so it drains like it should. My cement driveway is now a beautiful brick. My backyard is like a resort!

It is neat to have someone who cares about making your pool the best it can be.

And it was so nice to have all of this done through one person that you can trust. Shane made sure everyone did their jobs to his standards.

You rarely see this level of craftsmanship, nor do you see the owner actually out there building the pool. I am so impressed with his work ethic and his integrity.

And when it was all done, he has been great about getting back to me to answer any questions. He doesn’t pawn it off to anyone else. Thank you, Shane Rathel!